We Believe our Veterans are in Need of Support.

There are too many reports of suicides among our young veterans and we want to break the stigma around Mental Health. Loss is a huge source of pain that can cause mental health issues. Our veterans deal with many losses. Often Loss and Grief are associated with death and that is not the case.

Our veterans deal with loss of relationship, loss of purpose when they return from service, loss of health, loss of limbs, loss of mobility, and many other hidden losses that perhaps are not seen to look at them. It is that hidden pain that causes anguish and we want to help guide them through the healing process.

We started by creating a GoFundMe campaign to support the 550 veteran athletes that will compete in the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto.

We raised funds so that we could gift all the veterans with our interactive workbook "My Good Grief - Healing from Loss" to facilitate their healing.

We look forward to seeing where this campaign takes us in the continued support of veterans.