Good Grief Services

Good Grief Café

Good Grief Cafe is a free community meetup held every other month in an informal setting to bring like-minded people together who have experienced or currently dealing with Mental Health that could be associated with loss and grief of any type. Whether that loss is from death, divorce, health, empty-nest, retirement, relationship, mobility, trust, vitality, self esteem, pet loss. We discuss different elements of loss in small clusters of groups (4-6) so that people are not intimidated by speaking in front of large groups.

Come, Listen, Share, Laugh and Learn with us. Come enjoy a beverage and our famous treats from Claire’s creations.

Group Workshops
(2-8 participants)

This is an 8-week program where you have an opportunity to explore your heart. Mental Health is often intellectualized and we can talk ourselves into thinking we are ok or, that this is as good as it gets. Often, our pain and the experience of carrying around that pain, can turn into our new normal and we don’t think anything else is possible. Healing can and will change you if you are willing to allow it. We think that the healing process is about getting back to who we used to be, but it is actually more about recreating yourself with the loss.

Going through Mental Health issues can feel like you are walking through a dense forest. Taking part in the workshop will give you a guide to walk through that forest and you will feel equipped with the tools you need and before the end you will be walking on a new path.

Any fears you may be facing, aren’t going away and it’s the key to your freedom. The question becomes: “Are you willing to summon the courage to release this pain?” If you are, we will match your commitment and guide you through the process with kindness and gentleness. You will be in complete control of what you reveal. We believe Healing is Rediscovering the Beauty of Life.

We believe the journey of healing is a journey we all deserve and we want you FREE TO BE REAL in a life that is fulfilled with your passions and purpose. You deserve better. Let’s start that journey together today.

Workshop Structure

We meet in a friendly safe space for an hour and a half for 8 weeks following a workbook curriculum. There is an hour of homework each week that we ask you to commit to. We discuss the homework each week. Everyone is encouraged to participate but there is always a respect for passing at any time and just listening.

To take part in the My Good Grief Workshop, you need to have a desire to want something different or to want to move forward from where you are now because it’s going to take work on your part. You will be guided through the process but it is your journey, and your Mental Health, and nobody can do it for you.

One-on-One Workshops

The same 8-week program but with individual attention. You will walk in one way and walk out another. You may not even know you are walking in a dense forest. A client recently shared that after her younger brother died, she was walking in the shadows. She didn’t realize until months later, when she was outside cutting the grass and noticed the sun. It was the light that had her realize she had been in the dark because it had become the new normal.

Although it is education and you will be taught tools, lessons and secrets, it will be up to you to apply and integrate them into your life. The Workshop will offer you a chance to explore who you are in relation to grief depending on your personality, culture, upbringing, beliefs, experiences, and the conversations you have been exposed to along the way. Then we explore how society listens to and responds to grief. We explore your coping strategies and how they have been formed throughout your life through situations and circumstances.  

You will look at your life from the perspective of loss and it will become clear how your behaviors and attitudes have been formed by the losses you have experienced. You can then identify which loss or losses, are the source of your pain. There is often an older pain source that you are holding onto, and you will be able to release this pain and free yourself.

After working with one of us for 2 months, you will walk out with a renewed joy for your life.

You deserve it. Let’s start that journey together today.

Corporate Workshops
Lunch and Learn

We offer 1 hour Lunch and Learn sessions in your workplace to educate the staff on dealing with Mental Health in the workplace. It is just as important to know how to support others around you, who are dealing with loss as it is to know what to do yourself. We identify symptoms and impacts of Mental Health, coping strategies and tips and tricks. 

Corporate Workshops
1-Day Workshop

In this one day interactive workshop we will work with the staff to Identify types of Mental Health (i.e depression, anxiety, loss and grief), discuss impacts and open up the conversation – Breaking the silence and dismantle the stigma through interactive discussion, explore negative coping strategies and how far they get us through an interactive discussion, work through an individual exercise identifying our own life event milestone timelines. After the lunch break we will work with our individual timelines and then discuss tips and tricks with some positive coping strategies, learn how to support others dealing with mental health and end off with an open discussion with a question and answer period. They will walk-in with their own perceptions about the topic and grow together with the interaction and have tools to create a positive work environment with improved morale and productivity, better understanding and a sense of loyalty knowing their workplace is committed to their well-being.

Youth Education 2-hour Workshop

This 2-hour workshop is an Introduction to Mental Health with our youth. Giving Mental Health a voice and a forum to speak about it. Our suicide rates are at an all-time high, stress levels for our teens and young adults are at the maximum. Our youth have pressures to be ok, highly productive and academically sound, high achievers, high performers in sports and extra circular activates. They need to learn how to unplug and how to manage their stress levels and their mental wellness. We discuss symptoms of Mental Health and some tips and tricks on how to balance their commitments and their well being. This is an ideal workshop for youth in sports. Mental Wellness on and off the ice/field.

Youth Education 1-Day Workshop

In the 1-day workshop we will have more time to take a deeper dive with the youth in looking at negative strategies and creating positive strategies. They will get an opportunity to do an exploration about their own life circumstances and their own habits to see what works and what doesn’t. We will expand the conversation with interactive discussions and case studies so that they walk out with a better understanding of themselves and others challenged with mental health. This will mirror the adult 1-day Workshop but with youth topics that are relatable to our young demographic. 

Veteran Support
Good Grief Invictus
GoFundMe Campaign

We believe our veterans are in need of support. There are too many reports of suicides among our young veterans and we want to break the stigma around Mental Health. Loss is a huge source of pain that can cause mental health issues. Our veterans deal with many losses. Often Loss and Grief are associated with death and that is not the case. Our veterans deal with loss of relationship, loss of purpose when they return from service, loss of health, loss of limbs, loss of mobility, and many other hidden losses that perhaps are not seen to look at them. It is that hidden pain that causes anguish and we want to help guide them through the healing process. We started by creating a GoFundMe campaign to support the 550 veteran athletes that will compete in the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto. We raised funds so that we could gift all the veterans with our interactive workbook to facilitate their healing. We look forward to seeing where this campaign takes us in the continued support of veterans. 

The Untold Sacred Story Writing Retreat

We are designing a week retreat in Myrtle Beach for women who have a story inside them that has not been told.

Find your voice and tell your story through healing and celebration. Good food, good company, yoga on the beach and so much more. More details and pricing to follow.

One-on-One Coaching

If you are exploring some unhappiness and want a forum to speak and be listened to and guided to your heart’s desire, coaching sessions are available. Whether you are looking at personal, professional, home, work, lifestyle, or just knowing your heart is not where you want it to be. We are here to guide you to your personal freedom and joy.


Hypnotherapy can help in various different aspects of your life. It is used to cure phobias such as fear of flying, fear of snakes, etc and has helped with depression and anxiety. It taps into the subconscious and creates changes that you want to make. Whether you want to quit smoking, loose weight, deal with anxiety, or a multitude of other issues, we can work together to obtain freedom and joy.