Motivation Speaking

When my 8 year old Rachel died I donated her organs and I was asked on many occasions to speak to organizations and families about the difference Organ Donation made in my recovery. I became the National Spokesperson for Organ Donation in 1999 and was reacquainted with my love of public speaking. It was such a natural self expression for me to take a tragic story and inspire and motivate others to overcome adversity in their lives. 

I have had the profound honour and privilege to have appeared on Vision Television, CITYTV, CBC, CTV, CTS-Rhonda London Live, and Winnipeg's Women's Television Network and Toronto's 680 and Durham's 1350CKDO and Windsor Radio shows as well as being featured in magazines and local newspapers Toronto Sunday Sun and Toronto Star.

I have had numerous speaking engagements including a Women's Retreat at the Rotary Club in Uxbridge, a Women's Business Luncheon series Let's Do Lunch in Durham Region, Charity Golf Tournaments, Local Durham Networking Groups, Church organizations, High School Leadership Groups, Sick Kids Hospital and other local Hospitals, Organ Donation Memorial, and the Advanced Executive Administration conference in Toronto. I am a founding member of a local Women's Business Networking group and I have been approached to appear on a new pilot talk show in California.

I am available for local and international public speaking engagements. I offer customized programs for your event to inspire and empower everyone in the room through humour and authentic sharing.

Cheryl is a dynamic speaker with lots of passion for her subject matter. Although she is very professional in her approach, there is a real sense of honesty and sincerity in her messages that make you feel an instant connection. Cheryl will leave you with loads of inspiration to make you and the people around you honoured you could be part of the experience!
— Kim Rowe, International Student Advisor
I have had the pleasure of listening to Cheryl Parker speak many times over the past 3 years. It comes as natural to her as breathing and it comes straight from the heart. When Cheryl speaks you are captivated by her warmth, charm and sincerity. The message is delivered in a very clear and powerful way. If you have the opportunity to be part of an audience to listen to Cheryl you’ll be glad you did.
— Gina Taschuk, Independent Financial Services agent 
Let’s Do Lunch was proud to have Cheryl Parker as our inaugural keynote speaker at our luncheon over 4 years ago. Cheryl’s passion, drive and compassion was an inspiring example of how we overcome challenges in our life and continue to move forward with grace, dignity and success. Our guests were touched by her determination and drive and were very thankful to have her share her story with them. Four years later, many in attendance that day, still refer to Cheryl and her amazing abilities and her inspiring story.
— Sue Pitchforth and Debbie Williams, The Let's Do Lunch Ladies
When I heard Cheryl speak, I got a sense of strength and empowerment exuding from her. I watched and listened to her talk about the death of her daughter and the depression which followed and how she pulled herself out of this for the sake of her and her son Shawn.

Here was a fragile soul who had the strength to become an entrepreneur and make something special for her son “security and love”. I have not had the tragedy of losing a child but I do encounter a lot of stress and tension that drags me down. Cheryl have to me the strength to look at myself and empower myself to look at my problems rationally and prioritize them in a way I can handle.

I think in this day and age depression and low self esteem play a huge roll in our lives. Cheryl showed me that even when I feel I am not good enough to make a difference I have to look inside myself and pull myself up by the bootstraps. I can make a difference and I do make a difference!!!!! Thank you Cheryl for making each day a little better and showing me how to give myself a chance.
— Ginger, McDonald's Franchise owner, Rotary Club member